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Updated on February 15, 2019

About Slothee

Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed at connecting people with like-minded, insightful business professionals and veterans across all fields. It is disheartening to hear about data breaches, privacy issues and user tracking in current social networking applications which makes it hard to be relied upon by business professionals.


Upon signing up at the Slothee Website you will be asked to tick a box if you agree with the conditions and stipulations of this Privacy Policy as well as other legal documents of the Company including but not limited to the Token Purchase Agreement and Delivery and Refund Policy.

Therefore, your signing up at the Slothee Website as well as your continued use of the Services will mean that you agree that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and accept to be bound by this Privacy Policy. In case if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you shall terminate your use of the Services and the Slothee Website.

Collection of information

We only collect the information which is required for correct functioning of the Company system and provision of the Services. When you sign up at the Slothee Website, we receive general information about you like your username. We do not intentionally collect any kind of your personal information and you may provide it to us only if you wish to do so.

We use the data that we collect for purposes of managing the Slothee Website and providing the Services, e.g. troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistics, and surveys.

We may store the data that your PC, laptop, or mobile device transfers to us when you interact with the Slothee Website or use the Services. Such information includes your browser type, type of the device you are using, browser language, and your IP address.

In case if you sign up at the Slothee Website using your account at a third-party company, such as Facebook or any other social network, such third party company may send us information about you. In this case, the Company cannot be responsible for the type of the information it receives or for the way in which such information is stored, processed, used, or disclosed.

Disclosure of information

Under no condition we will lease or trade your personal information to any third-party company.

We may hire third-party businesses in order to provide you with a better experience at using Slothee and the Services associated with the Company. These may include but not limited to processing of payments via bank cards, equipment maintenance, hosting services, data storage and management, and analytics.

Therefore, your continued use of the Services that the Company provides shall imply that you agree that we may disclose your personal information in case if we are required to do so according to law or in case if we consider that it will be necessary to do so in order to avoid liability, abide by a legal activity, such as a court order, subpoena, search warrant, and so on, as well as in order to defend the rights of the Company or a third party, ensure the safety of an individual or a group of people, or avert an action of an individual or a group of people that may be illegal or not morally correct.

In case if the Company is purchased by another business entity, if we enter into a merger with a third party, or if the Company has to declare bankruptcy, we may transfer your personal information to such third-party company.

We may use cookies, which are small files that are created by the browser on your device and used for personalization purposes, in order to provide you with an enhanced user experience with the Slothee Website and the Services. Although not all browsers provide such capabilities, you can deactivate the use of cookies by accessing your browser settings and disabling the use of cookies. However, please mind that in case if you do not agree to use cookies or disable the use of cookies in your browser, functioning of some of the Services may become limited.

The information that you voluntarily send us and the information that we collect, whether general or personal, is stored on the servers of the hosting and cloud storage providers, which are third-party and therefore cannot be controlled by Slothee, in US. Therefore, your continued use of the Slothee Website and the Services shall imply that you agree that we may store such information on the servers located in US and managed by a third-party company.

Processing of information

We will treat your personal information in good faith and in accordance with the law, making sure that such information always stays accurate and updated, and we will use your personal information only for the reasons that we have informed you about in this document.

Data security

All information that we receive from you or that you share with us, whether it’s personal or general information, is encrypted. Apart from this, we take all necessary security measures in order to protect your general and personal information from accidental loss, unauthorized use and access by third parties, modification, and disclosure.

Your rights

All Slothee members can review, update, and delete the data that the Company collects upon their use of the Services. If necessary, it can be done in your account settings on the Slothee Website.

Also, you are eligible to be granted access to your personal information stored by us via ordering a copy of such data in writing. If this is the case, you may be charged a fee that will amount to the cost of the copies and asked to verify your identity to make sure that you are the authentic owner of the account. If you would like to order such copy, please let us know about it using the contact information presented at the bottom of this Privacy Policy in the Contact Slothee section.


We may communicate with you about changes made in this Privacy Policy or any other issues associated with the Company or the Services via displaying or sending you messages using the Slothee Website.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

We may make amendments in this Privacy Policy when we update our data collection, storage, usage, or disclosure methods. In case if there are important changes made to the above mentioned data processing methods, we will inform you about such changes being introduced and taking effect via the communication channels that are indicated in the previous section of this Privacy Policy.

We recommend you to review this Privacy Policy on a regular basis in order to stay aware of changes that may be introduced to this document.

Contact Slothee

In case if you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, the Company, or the Services, please be sure to send us a message at