Legal Disclaimer

Please read the following notice carefully before proceeding to read this Whitepaper document issued by SLOTHEE HOLDING INC., an exempted company incorporated and existing under the laws of the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, BVI (hereinafter – “Distributor”). This notice applies to all persons who read this document. Please note this notice may be altered or updated. The Whitepaper does not constitute any relationship between you (hereinafter– “you” or “Holder”) and the Distributor. Acquiring of the SLO tokens is available only after accepting the Terms of token sale (hereinafter – “T&C”). Acquisition of SLO cryptographic tokens does not present an exchange of cryptocurrencies for any form of ordinary shares of the Distributor and a Holder of SLO cryptographic tokens is not entitled to any guaranteed form of a dividend. Holders of SLO tokens are only entitled to certain rights within the T&C. SLO tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investments in securities in any jurisdiction. This Whitepaper is for information purposes only. The contents of this Whitepaper are not a financial promotion. Therefore, none of the contents of this Whitepaper serves as an invitation or inducement to engage in any sort of investment activity. Prospective acquirers of SLO tokens should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with the cryptocurrencies, Distributor and their respective businesses and operations, the SLO tokens and the SLO Initial Exchange Offering. Familiarize yourself with all the information set out in this Whitepaper, Risk Notice and the T&C prior to any purchase of SLO tokens. Ensure that you are aware of all the risks prior to obtaining SLO. The risk statement details all the potential risks that you should consider. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice before engaging in any sort of business endeavour. Our Private Lobby is a chat space for users to connect and where their data is truly private

Data Protection

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which covers the protection of customers of enterprises, has been regulated by the European Union with the number 2016/679 25. GDPR compliance is mandatory for any enterprise that has been validated after May 2018 and that processes the data of people living within the European Union Borders, regardless of the enterprise whereabouts. The Slothee Platform keeps the privacy and security of the user at a maximum level and fulfils the GDPR compliance requirements. All personal (sensitive) data obtained from the user is kept on the off-chain. Wallets and users on the blockchain are matched on the off-chain. Data held on the blockchain are the executed transactions. These transactions are kept anonymous and matched with the offchain database if necessary.

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